Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anubi - Mastabos Dvelksmas (1994)

Country: Lithuania
Genre: Black Metal/Avant-garde
Label: Fuck if I know.

Really been digging this demo from Anubi lately, solely based on how weird and unique it is. For something released in '94, this sounds nothing like what was circulating in Scandinavia at the time. Really, it's kind of hard to even call this black metal. What we get here is often droning, jamming, and almost jazz-like improvisation, but all this is indubitably shrouded in lo-fi production with bits of eerie atmosphere and the odd folky melody here and there. So pick this up; even if it ends up not being your cup of tea, it definitely makes for an interesting listen. Angel out.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wolvserpent - Perigaea Demo (2012)

Country: USA
Genre: Doom Metal/Post-Rock
Label: Relapse

Wolvserpent has (finally) released new material! Granted it's only a demo that's going to metamorphose into a full-length on Relapse, but if you like your instrumental doom elongated and frothy, sludge-filled with a smattering of twinkly percussion, then let your ears feasteth.

Free Download!

Monday, November 5, 2012

BIEN À TOI - Diriger, Séduire, Convaincre (2012)

Country: France
Genre: Post-Hardcore/Screamo/Post Rock
Label: Self Released

There sound of European post-hardcore/screamo bands is rather unmistakable. It has a certain heft to it that just makes it better than pretty much everything else in the states or in Japan. FFO Aussitot Mort, Daitro, Sed Non Satiata

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Smith Street Band - Sunshine & Technology (2012)

Country: Australia
Genre: Punk
Label: Poison City Records

What if Frank Turner was from Australia? Well then you'd get Wil Wagner and his Smith Street Band!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jeff Rosenstock - I Look Like Shit (2012)

Country: United States
Genre: Punk
Label: Quote Unquote Records

Surprise release from the most consistently awesome frontman in music. Just a random assortment of new songs, covers, and some old ones Jeff has released via his Tumblr over the years. It feels so nice to finally have a copy of Snow Charges on my iTunes.

This one's for free, folk.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Manbearpig - Ruined Emo (2010)

Country: England
Genre: Emo/Hardcore
Label: Self-Released

The only thing I really have to say about this release is that it's fun as fuck. I mean look at the band's name... anybody who takes from South Park has to be having a good time right? Anyway this stuff is pretty straightforward emo/hardcore with excellent lyrics and all the heartfeltness you could want out of the genre.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Secret Arms - New Colonies (2012)

Country: USA
Genre: Post-Hardcore/Screamo
Label: Self-Released

Holy shit. On first seeing the album cover for this I thought... well I didn't think Secret Arms would be an awesome mash up of Native/Hot Cross-esque wanky precision and Found in the Flood-era The Bled's moody post-hardcore. GET THIS NOW. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Flats - Better Living

Country: UK
Genre: Drone Punk
Label: Sweat Shop Records

Flats are what the Ramones would sound like had they decided they liked plodding bass rather than crack-whacky speed. The vocals are harsh shouts flavored richly by the cockney south of London, and the riffs are chunkier than Campbell's. There's even songs called "Slam" and "Buzz". Good luck finding a listen link, but you can preview and purchase the album at the link below.

kitty pryde - the lizzie mcquire experience (2006)

Country: USA
Genre: White Girl Hip-Hop
Label: Self-Released

I have no legitimate musical reason to like this. I should consider it tripe and an insult to humanity. But kitty pryde fires some hip-happy chemical reaction in my brain as she airily flows about dead ex-boyfriends and The Misadventures of Flapjack...and she's pretty damn adorable. I really don't think was released in 2006, but here's the Bandcamp page that says otherwise. Don't kick me off, Brandon.

Jute Gyte - Discography

Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal/Avant-Garde/Electronic/Polyrhythmic
Label: Self-Released

A tragically overlooked black metal/noise indulgence one-man band, Jute Gyte releases an album at sometimes a monthly rate. All of his recordings are up for "Name Your Own Price" on his Bandcamp page, whether it be avant-garde black metal, polyrhythmic toy keyboards, electronica or chiptune. Probably due to an nearly non-existent fanbase, Jute Gyte is free to fuck around with any experimentation that comes to mind. And man does he take that ball and run.

Atrium Carceri - Reliquiae & Void (2012)

So needless to say, 2012 has been a pretty outstanding year for music in general, but more specifically for atmospheric music. Because of: Godspeed, Swans, Black Swan (twice), The Silver Mount Zion, Desiderii Marginis, Leech, and Atrium Carceri all releasing new material, I thought I was pretty much set for my ambient & post-rock this year.

Stream/Buy |  Sample

Country: Sweden
Genre: Dark Ambient/Drone/Industrial
Label: Cold Meat Industry

 Lo & behold, Atrium Carceri snuck another ambient/drone album by me this summer. Including the newest one, AC’s last three albums have been nothing short of fantastic. If you like dark ambient/drone/industrial stuff, do yourself a favor and check both of these new albums out right now. Put on some quality headphones, close your eyes, and let Atrium Carceri take you deeper into the darkness.

Cara Neir Discography

Genre: Black Metal/Screamo/Grind etc...
Country: United States
Label: Self-Released

Formed in 2008,  there really is no solid description for the sound that is Cara Neir - with elements of black metal, screamo, hardcore, grindcore, post-rock and sometimes others, this band is one of the most amorphous bands I've ever come across. While most of the time I find that if a band doesn't have a stable foundation it can compromise the product, Cara Neir is a two man group that has consistently proven me wrong. With two full-lengths, two splits and one EP to their name, Cara Neir has one of the most exciting discographies I've ever come across and I feel it my duty to share it with the amazing followers of this blog.

Part I/Part II (2009)

The bands first release and actually the only one I haven't heard it full. From The songs I have listened to are, of course, fucking awesome. I can't "highly recommend" this considering I haven't heard it all but considering the calibre of their later works I can almost guarantee this rules.

Stagnant Perceptions (2011)
The second full-length and the release that made me aware of the band. Even on a first listen I was totally blown away the band; their mixture of black metal, screamo and hardcore was not only flawless but so different from everybody else who has attempted the fusion. If there is one thing you can say definitely say about Cara Neir it's that they have a sound all of their own. This album comes with my highest recommendations.

Cara Neir/Ramlord Split (2012)

Before I get on with describing the music, I just have to say does anyone else notice how all of the artwork for this band is absolutely phenomenal? But anyway on to the music - while the base of the work here is obviously black metal, the screamo/post-rock side of the band is the most prevalent that it has ever been here. Each song features absolutely awesome clean sections, with their section "Cradled By Apathy" exploding into an absolutely fantastic ending. Also the bass work in particular for these songs is super awesome. All three tracks here are must have and are some of my favorite within the band's discography.

Sublimation Therapy EP (2012)

Sublimation Therapy while a great release is far unlike anything else in the Cara Neir catalog - essentially ditching almost all of their black metal influences (which have always been the base of their music up to this point), this EP is way more of a grind, hardcore and death metal type release. The songs are not only short, fast and brutal but they are far more riff-centric than any other release the band has done. Although when I first heard this release I was like "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!?!" it was one of the most satisfying confusions I've ever been in. It really just reinforces the fact that Cara Neir are straight-up excellent extreme metal songwriters and can successfully play any form of the genre they want to. Once again highly recommended.

Horseback/Njiqahdda/Venowl/Cara Neir Split (2012)

A return to their black metal/screamo roots, this is yet more untouchable material courtesy of the Austin, Texas based band. Closing song "Seize and Exist" is definitely my favorite song off of this and definitely one of their best tracks overall. It may seem like a lot of dick sucking is going on in this post but seriously, if you just listen to these guys discography you'll totally understand why I am praising them so hard. Do yourself a favor and check this out.

I really do hope you all enjoy this band's material as much as I do. It's not everyday you come across a group who is this diverse but still frighteningly consistent. When I say Cara Neir have a little bit of something for everyone, I truly mean it; they have brutal, uncompromising riffage (Sublimation Therapy),  cold and mystical black metal atmospheres (Stagnant Perceptions), wondrous melodies (split with Ramlord) and whole bunch more to be excited about. Cara Neir is a band I know I'm keeping my eye on and I strongly urge all of you to do the same.

Sore Eyelids - s/t LP (2012)

 Country: Sweden
Genre: Shoegaze/Indie-emo
Label: Fadsen Records

Is there anything the dudes from Suis La Lune can't do? We all know they're arguably one of the most unique emo/screamo bands in the genre's recent upswing in popularity as a backlash to corporate preteen post-hardcore, they also play black metal in Skeletor, and since 2009 they've been putting their swing on punk and shoegaze with Sore Eyelids, well at least their guitarist has. His mark on Sore Eyelids is unmistakable. This sucker's a strong top 10 of the year competitor.

Anaal Nathrakh - Vanitas (2012)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Candlelight Records

To put it rather bluntly, this British duo's previous album Passion was complete shit. Anaal Nathrakh are a band that get a lot of (usually) undeserved flak due to the fact that they are rather over the top in terms of style, with grating screeches and wild drumming that can be a bit too mechanical or synthetic, but they are working to correct that. Vanitas is, easily, the band's best work to date. Even against the well-received In the Constellation of the Black Widow or their visceral The Codex Necro, Vanitas is better; it is lively and organic - at least for this band's standards. There is melody and emotion that makes the album more bold and lasting, and some guitar solos that are technically and sonically impressive. Most of all, though, Vanitas is memorable.


Andrew Bird - Hands of Glory (2012)

Country: USA
Genre: Folk/Indie/Country
Label: Mom and Pop Records

Andrew Bird releases the companion album to his previous 2012 release Break It Yourself. While Break It was quirky indie pop rock, Hands of Glory draws heavily from Cash-country and oldies, making prominent use of fiddles and folky twang. Less original stylistically, but executed with deadly accuracy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Xothist - Xothist (2011)

Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Bleak Environment

Black metal's kind of been taking the piss this year, so I'll pull out something I just recently discovered from last year: some lo-fi goodness from here in the States. This debut demo from the one-man project boasts just over forty minutes of solid material. Xothist shows off a somewhat unique sound with convincing atmospheres, taking some notes from both the depressive and post-rock-influenced black metal scenes, among other places. This project will likely be one to watch in the near future.

Blood of the Black Owl - Light The Fires! (2012)

Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal/Doom/Dark Ambient
Label: Glass Throat Records

Chet Scott is a master at hypnotic, insular esoteric metal. All one has to do is look at his past recordings under the Blood of the Black Owl moniker. His latest release Light The Fires is no different in that it delivers spectacular drones which highlight inward emotions. This is music to get lost in. 

The Exploited - Let's Start A War... Said Maggie One Day (1983)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Street Punk
Label: Combat Records

Everyone always talks up Troops of Tomorrow being the best album by The Exploited but I beg to differ. Lets Start A War is just a little more vitriolic, just a little more political, just a little more hard hitting. 


Monday, October 22, 2012

Crippled Black Phoenix - No Sadness Or Farewell (2012)

Country: UK
Genre: Prog Rock
Label: Mascot Label Group/Cool Green Recordings

Even after releasing a well-received full-length this year, Crippled Black Phoenix just released a new mini album, which they call an EP, which is actually about the length of a short LP. Jam bands, man. What're you gonna do.

Listen (Removed Per Request)

Dephosphorus - Night Sky Transform (2012)

Country: Greece
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Self-Released

Second. Greece hides some damn fine metal bands (Rotting Christ, Septicflesh) and Dephosphorus uphold the tradition of quality. With a vocal style that strangely should be attractive to Aborted fans, Dephosphorus play a style of proggy blackened grind amalgam I've seen called "astrogrind", but don't expect anything spacey, unless you're talking blackly abyssal, Left 4 Dead spacey.

Larry And His Flask - Hobo's Lament (2012)

Country: United States
Genre: Bluegrass/Punk
Label: Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club

A fun, fast and bouncy mix of bluegrass and punk in a short, 6-track package.

Also just look at that cover.

Skagos - Anarchic (2012)

Country: Canada
Genre: Cascadian Black Metal
Label: Eternal Warfare

Anarchic is slated to be a three-side release, containing seven "movements" that comprise Skagos' second LP. The tracks have been trickling in thus far, with Side A being released earlier in the summer and Side B surfacing in the recent weeks. The final track, Side C, won't be available until the LP is actually released in early 2013. Regardless, here we have the first two tracks, which encompass realms Skagos really haven't been to yet. From the dreamy introduction to Side A to the pure atmospheric blasts of its second half to the very unique, almost folk-like singing and ambiance of Side B, this is diversification incarnate. While I honestly enjoy Side A a lot better than Side B, it is all worth a listen and will likely come to some sort of earth-shattering conclusion when Side C is unleashed upon us.


Kerasphorus - Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn (2010)

Country: United States
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions

A collaboration between two of blackened death metal's most famous and talented performers Pete Helmkamp and James Read, Kerasphorus was only around long enough to give the world two EPs, but fuck were they amazing. Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn is the first of these and my personal favorite; like a reincarnated Angelcorpse, the band was totally obsessed with going FUCKING FAST utilizing some awesome downtuned tremolo picked riffage and James Read's blitzkrieg like drum assault to reach some dangerous speeds. Like all good black/death metal they would at times slow it down for some awesome and crushing grooves and of course thanks to both members prior experience,  this endeavor as a whole is a complete and utter success. 

Republic of Dreams - s/t (2012)

Country: Germany
Genre: Emo Violence/Screamo
Label: Self-Released

Republic of Dream's self titled is a collection featuring songs from their splits with Beau Navire and Cloud Rat. The band itself comprises of members from the now defunct emo violence act Louise Cyphre and the sound they have conjured up for themselves isn't too far off from their past exploits. That being said, it's still one of the best things the genre's had to offer in years.

Scythling - Smokefall (2012)

Country: Canada/USA/Germany
Genre: Drone
Label: Aurora Borealis

Scythling is an interesting collaboration of sorts that features Nadja's Aidan Baker and Bloody Panda's Josh Rothenberger. Originally recorded as just the duo playing off each other in a live studio session, the recordings were then supplemented by a handful of their friends. If you've got the attention span, Smokefall is well worth the trip. 

Lantern - Noicomete (2012)

Country: Italy
Genre: Screamo
Label: Self-Released

Italian screamo that leaves the gun and takes the cannolis. 'nough said.

Vaccine - Dead Inside (2012)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore/Powerviolence
Label: Painkiller Records

Ten songs. Five minutes. If that doesn't scream powerviolence then I don't know what does. Vaccine are no strangers to furious hardcore (with members spending time in Orchid, Ampere, Glue, Relics, and No Faith), as their previous 7"s mastered the art of millisecond bursts of straight-edge aggression, but Dead Inside brings it to a whole other level of pissed off.

Elysian Blaze - Blood Geometry (2012)

Country: Australia
Genre: Black Metal/Doom
Label: Osmose

To put it simply, Blood Geometry is one of the most unique and astounding listens you're going to find in 2012. By combining swaths of droning doom with a backbone of thick, atmospheric depressive black metal, one man project Elysian Blaze has created a stunning 3xLP that opens itself to repeat listens of sonic exploration. Hands down one of the best releases of the year in any genre.


Grieved - Samaritans (2012)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Anchors Aweigh Records

Okay, here goes nothing. Let's kick things off. Sweden's Grieved off up a dark and gloomy brand of Deathwish-esque hardcore that at the same time fills the void Cursed left by breaking up after being robbed for the umpteenth time and reminds us of the void Cursed left by breaking up after being robbed for the umpteenth time. Fuck, I really miss Cursed.