Monday, October 22, 2012

Skagos - Anarchic (2012)

Country: Canada
Genre: Cascadian Black Metal
Label: Eternal Warfare

Anarchic is slated to be a three-side release, containing seven "movements" that comprise Skagos' second LP. The tracks have been trickling in thus far, with Side A being released earlier in the summer and Side B surfacing in the recent weeks. The final track, Side C, won't be available until the LP is actually released in early 2013. Regardless, here we have the first two tracks, which encompass realms Skagos really haven't been to yet. From the dreamy introduction to Side A to the pure atmospheric blasts of its second half to the very unique, almost folk-like singing and ambiance of Side B, this is diversification incarnate. While I honestly enjoy Side A a lot better than Side B, it is all worth a listen and will likely come to some sort of earth-shattering conclusion when Side C is unleashed upon us.



  1. So I take it that this is better than their other stuff?

  2. The first track definitely is, the second track I'm not sure yet.