Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cara Neir Discography

Genre: Black Metal/Screamo/Grind etc...
Country: United States
Label: Self-Released

Formed in 2008,  there really is no solid description for the sound that is Cara Neir - with elements of black metal, screamo, hardcore, grindcore, post-rock and sometimes others, this band is one of the most amorphous bands I've ever come across. While most of the time I find that if a band doesn't have a stable foundation it can compromise the product, Cara Neir is a two man group that has consistently proven me wrong. With two full-lengths, two splits and one EP to their name, Cara Neir has one of the most exciting discographies I've ever come across and I feel it my duty to share it with the amazing followers of this blog.

Part I/Part II (2009)

The bands first release and actually the only one I haven't heard it full. From The songs I have listened to are, of course, fucking awesome. I can't "highly recommend" this considering I haven't heard it all but considering the calibre of their later works I can almost guarantee this rules.

Stagnant Perceptions (2011)
The second full-length and the release that made me aware of the band. Even on a first listen I was totally blown away the band; their mixture of black metal, screamo and hardcore was not only flawless but so different from everybody else who has attempted the fusion. If there is one thing you can say definitely say about Cara Neir it's that they have a sound all of their own. This album comes with my highest recommendations.

Cara Neir/Ramlord Split (2012)

Before I get on with describing the music, I just have to say does anyone else notice how all of the artwork for this band is absolutely phenomenal? But anyway on to the music - while the base of the work here is obviously black metal, the screamo/post-rock side of the band is the most prevalent that it has ever been here. Each song features absolutely awesome clean sections, with their section "Cradled By Apathy" exploding into an absolutely fantastic ending. Also the bass work in particular for these songs is super awesome. All three tracks here are must have and are some of my favorite within the band's discography.

Sublimation Therapy EP (2012)

Sublimation Therapy while a great release is far unlike anything else in the Cara Neir catalog - essentially ditching almost all of their black metal influences (which have always been the base of their music up to this point), this EP is way more of a grind, hardcore and death metal type release. The songs are not only short, fast and brutal but they are far more riff-centric than any other release the band has done. Although when I first heard this release I was like "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!?!" it was one of the most satisfying confusions I've ever been in. It really just reinforces the fact that Cara Neir are straight-up excellent extreme metal songwriters and can successfully play any form of the genre they want to. Once again highly recommended.

Horseback/Njiqahdda/Venowl/Cara Neir Split (2012)

A return to their black metal/screamo roots, this is yet more untouchable material courtesy of the Austin, Texas based band. Closing song "Seize and Exist" is definitely my favorite song off of this and definitely one of their best tracks overall. It may seem like a lot of dick sucking is going on in this post but seriously, if you just listen to these guys discography you'll totally understand why I am praising them so hard. Do yourself a favor and check this out.

I really do hope you all enjoy this band's material as much as I do. It's not everyday you come across a group who is this diverse but still frighteningly consistent. When I say Cara Neir have a little bit of something for everyone, I truly mean it; they have brutal, uncompromising riffage (Sublimation Therapy),  cold and mystical black metal atmospheres (Stagnant Perceptions), wondrous melodies (split with Ramlord) and whole bunch more to be excited about. Cara Neir is a band I know I'm keeping my eye on and I strongly urge all of you to do the same.

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