Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cauteror - They Fell (1993)

Country: Netherlands
Genre: Melodic Death/Doom

Brought to you by Mories of the infamous Gnaw Your Tongues, Cauteror was an old-school death/doom band that as far as I know, only released this gem of a demo before disbanding and falling into complete obscurity. Although all doom tends is inherently melancholic, Cauteror was able to make it seem really genuine which is a large reason as to why I love this demo so much. Of course the pace is plodding, but They Fell.. absolutely refuses to become dull through the entirety of its four tracks. My favorite aspect of the demo is probably how the band was able to imbue such classic metal melodies within the songs without sacrificing the intergrity of their death metal aspects. Overall this shit is glorious, so check it the fuck out.

On Wings of Blasphemy

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