Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Church Whip - Psychedlic Nightmare (2013)

Country: United States
Genre: Hardcore/Black Metal

Chances are if you've heard of Church Whip during the past few months, it hasn't been for their music. After naming their tour "Raping The East", they experienced a whirlwind of controversy for apparently being offensive. I usually don't like to get into topics like this, but I for one think that's absolutely ridiculous. In this day an age it's stupid be offended by this sort of thing, especially when it comes to underground bands who generally name their tours/albums/etc... after taboo topics. Fuck all that shit though, lets talk about the music.

Made up of members from bands like Divisions, Horrid Cross, Cult Ritual, Merchandise and a few other established underground projects, Church Whip plays fierce d-beat hardcore with a taste of black metal. While this style of music has been becoming more and more prevalent these past few years, it's often hard to really differentiate or  even care about yet ANOTHER band like this, but Church Whip has a sound that is all their own, so you should really be paying attention. This is probably one of my favorite full-lengths so far this year and easily one of the best hardcore has had to offer yet. So get with it.


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